We’re a small design firm with a big heart.
Our extensive services are delivered on budget and on time.

Our Services

Print Design

If you can print it, we can design it.

Web Design

We bring your online presence to life.


From PowerPoint to Tradeshows

Creative Assets

From illustration to photo editing

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We’re different.

What makes us different from a large design firm?
We’re able to provide individualized attention; that means that you don’t have a salesperson or a project manager as a go-between. You work directly with your designer so there’s nothing lost in translation.

With less overhead, we have less expenses, which means we can offer better-than-competitive pricing. Tell us about your project and we can offer a free estimate. No catches, no obiligations.

We should also mention that we’re “different” in a fun way. We believe that being professional doesn’t have to exclude having fun.

In fact, a sense of humor is key to good communication and healthy partnerships. Take our “Birds with Hats” website mascots for instance; they’re quirky, creative, and great conversation starters. You’ll find them throughout our site.

Years Established

Birds with Hats

Our services

Print Design

From brochures and business cards, to books and billboards, if it can be printed we can design it.

Web Design

We create WordPress-based websites that are easy to navigate and easily edited by you.


Eye-catching presentations through PowerPoint and engaging tradeshow booth graphics

Package Design

Labels, stickers, and boxes; we work with your requirements to create products that stand out.


Need a custom illustated graphic? From maps and infographics, to diagrams and renderings, we create both digital and traditional art.

Digital Photography

Need product shots, or a few touch ups? We can provide, edit, or identify the images that complement your needs.

Latest Projects

Liquid Soap Labels

We helped Boston Honey Company to introduce new natural products with fresh branding and packaging.

PowerPoint Presentation

We create template designs for marketing firms and corporations of all sizes.

Conference Branding

We work with Amazon Science to create branding and collateral for their annual Machine Learning Conference.

Let’s Create Something Together

We’d like to think that we’re approachable and ready to listen to what your needs are. 

How much do design services cost?

We estimate projects in two ways, at either an hourly rate, or on a project basis. Regardless of the type of estimate, we create a detailed written proposal and review it with you. Obviously, the final cost of a project can change if there are additional requests or revisions, but we always communicate with clients prior to adding costs. Nobody likes surprises!

What is your hourly rate?

Our 2023 rate is $125 per hour. Some designs don’t take a full hour to create, some take mulitple hours. We do our best to let you know how long we think a project will take. Our minimum charge is in increments of 15 minutes.

Do you include printing services?

We are not a printer, and any printing, production, or third-party services are a separate charge that is paid directly to that company. We do not resell services, but we DO coordinate with them. We will make sure your files are print ready, and we work with printers to make sure we’re providing exactly what they need.

We can recommend printers and other print production services (packaging, labels, folders, signage, tradeshow collateral, etc.)

Do you include web hosting?

We design WordPress sites, but we do not host them. We can recommend several WordPress hosts, but again, we do not resell or offer any third-party services. Those costs are separate from our design services, but we DO build your site on those services.

For example, once you’ve signed up for web hosting and have your domain name, we log in and build everything and launch it for you. We want to make sure that your site is hosted with companies that specialize in safe, reliable, technology. We stay in our lane and specialize in visual design.

What's the difference between a logo and branding?

A logo is a symbol or typographic treatment (or combination of the two) that represents you, your product, or your company.

Branding is the overarching “look” of all of your collateral and includes your logo, your chosen color palette, your typographic treatments, and any supporting graphic elements.

Branding should follow consistent stylistic guidelines so that your company is easily and quickly recognized.